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Legal services

The Silesian Real Estate Center

in the cooperation with notary public and legal counsel offers you complex legal services:

  • Helping to choose the best form of economic activity

  • Complex legal services during establishing a company

  • Working on documentation of a company and representing the company in front of registration authorities , e.g. National Court Register

  • Working on corporate documentation of a company ,e.g. articles of association, deed of association, regulations

  • Activities related to conducting business activity (rigour of enforcement, settlement in the form of a notarial deed, settlement in economic relations connected with real estate)

  • Recording and making changes in National Court Register

  • Representing a client in legal proceedings , especially related to civil law, economic law, commercial law, intellectual property rights , press law, unfair competition act and labour law

For further information please contact us: +48 608 095 745

We are looking forward to working with you.

All information given on this site are not the offer according to Civil Code.

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